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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they release
    he / she / it releases
    past simple released
    -ing form releasing
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    set someone or something free
  1. 1to let someone or something come out of a place where they have been kept or trapped release somebody/something to release a prisoner/hostage release somebody/something from something Firefighters took two hours to release the driver from the wreckage. (figurative) Death released him from his suffering.
  2. stop holding something
  3. 2release something to stop holding something or stop it from being held so that it can move, fly, fall, etc. freely synonym let somebody/something go, let somebody/something loose He refused to release her arm. 10,000 balloons were released at the ceremony. Intense heat is released in the reaction.
  4. feelings
  5. 3release something to express feelings such as anger or worry in order to get rid of them She burst into tears, releasing all her pent-up emotions.
  6. free someone from duty
  7. 4to free someone from a duty, responsibility, contract, etc. release somebody The club is releasing some of its older players. release somebody from something The new law released employers from their obligation to recognize unions.
  8. part of machine
  9. 5release something to remove something from a fixed position, allowing something else to move or function to release the clutch/handbrake/switch, etc.
  10. make less tight
  11. 6release something to make something less tight You need to release the tension in these shoulder muscles.
  12. make available
  13. 7release something to make something available to the public Police have released no further details about the accident. to release a movie/book/CD new products released onto the market
  14. 8release something to make something available that had previously been restricted The new building program will go ahead as soon as the government releases the funds.
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