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  1. 1closely connected with the subject you are discussing or the situation you are thinking about a relevant suggestion/question/point Do you have the relevant experience? Send me all the relevant information. relevant to something/somebody These comments are not directly relevant to this inquiry. opposite irrelevant
  2. 2relevant (to something/somebody) having ideas that are valuable and useful to people in their lives and work Her novel is still relevant today. How relevant is learning Latin to most children?
noun [uncountable] I don't see the relevance of your question. What he said has no direct relevance to the matter in hand. a classic play of contemporary relevance
adverb The applicant has experience in teaching and, more relevantly, in industry.
AWL Collocationsrelevantrelevant adjectiveclosely connected with the subject you are discussing or the situation you are inliterature factor, variable data, information fact questionThis study includes all the relevant variables that past research suggests.culturally, socially theoreticallyResearchers note the importance of culturally relevant health programs.especially, highly, particularlyThree problems in the literature on youth and globalization are particularly relevant to my focus here.potentially directly causallyA number of potentially relevant factors might be added to these models.consider something, deem somethingWhere one stands in this debate depends on the evidence considered relevant to the question.~ toThis work is highly relevant to the interpretation of Native American religious traditions.irrelevant adjectivedetail, informationResearch shows that children’s ability to filter irrelevant information improves significantly from the ages of five to seven years.largely entirely increasingly seeminglyFor the purposes of this paper, the first six verses are largely irrelevant; our focus is on the final verse.render somethingThe civil war was so widespread that it rendered the central government largely irrelevant.~ toMany of their examples are irrelevant to our arguments.relevance nouncontemporary causal direct questionable particularThe new translation is not only of historical interest but also of contemporary relevance.
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