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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they relieve
    he / she / it relieves
    past simple relieved
    -ing form relieving
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  1. 1relieve something to remove or reduce an unpleasant feeling or pain to relieve the symptoms of a cold to relieve anxiety/guilt/stress Being able to tell the truth at last seemed to relieve her.
  2. 2relieve something to make a problem less serious synonym alleviate efforts to relieve poverty to relieve traffic congestion
  3. 3relieve something to make something less boring, especially by introducing something different We played cards to relieve the boredom of the long wait. The black and white pattern is relieved by tiny colored flowers.
  4. 4relieve somebody to replace someone who is on duty to relieve a sentry You'll be relieved at six o'clock.
  5. 5relieve something to free a town, etc. from an enemy army that has surrounded it
  6. 6relieve yourself a polite way of referring to going to the bathroom I had to relieve myself behind a bush.
  7. Phrasal Verbsrelieve somebody of something
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