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    (remoter, remotest)
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  1. 1far away from places where other people live synonym isolated a remote beach one of the remotest areas of the world remote from something The farmhouse is remote from any other buildings.
  2. time
  3. 2[only before noun] far away in time synonym distant in the remote past/future a remote ancestor (= who lived a long time ago)
  4. relatives
  5. 3[only before noun] (of people) not closely related synonym distant a remote cousin
  6. computer/system
  7. 4that you can connect to from far away, using an electronic link a remote terminal/database
  8. different
  9. 5remote (from something) very different from something His theories are somewhat remote from reality. A novel should not be too remote from the experiences of its readers.
  10. not friendly
  11. 6(of people or their behavior) not very friendly or interested in other people synonym aloof, distant
  12. very small
  13. 7not very great synonym slight There is still a remote chance that they will find her alive. I don't have the remotest idea what you're talking about.
    noun [uncountable] the geographical remoteness of the island His remoteness made her feel unloved.
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