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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they renew
    he / she / it renews
    past simple renewed
    -ing form renewing
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  1. 1renew something to begin something again after a pause or an interruption synonym résumé The army renewed its assault on the capital. We have to renew our efforts to attract young players. The annual dinner is a chance to renew acquaintance with old friends.
  2. 2renew something to make something valid for a further period of time to renew a license/lease/subscription/contract, etc. How do I go about renewing my passport? I'd like to renew these library books (= arrange to borrow them for a further period of time).
  3. 3renew something to emphasize something by saying or stating it again synonym reiterate, repeat to renew an appeal/a request/a complaint, etc. Community leaders have renewed calls for a peaceful settlement. The project is to go ahead following renewed promises of aid from the U.N.
  4. 4renew something to change something that is old or damaged and replace it with something new of the same kind The wiring in your house should be renewed every ten to fifteen years. Our bones normally renew themselves constantly.
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