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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they replace
    he / she / it replaces
    past simple replaced
    -ing form replacing
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  1. 1replace something/somebody to be used instead of something or someone else; to do something instead of someone or something else synonym take over (from something) The new design will eventually replace all existing models. Teachers will never be replaced by computers in the classroom. These measures in no way replace the need for regular safety checks.
  2. 2to remove someone or something and put another person or thing in their place replace somebody/something He will be difficult to replace when he leaves. replace somebody/something with/by somebody/something It is not a good idea to miss meals and replace them with snacks.
  3. 3replace something to change something that is old, damaged, etc. for a similar thing that is newer or better All the old carpets need replacing. an operation to replace both hips You'll be expected to replace any broken glasses.
  4. 4replace something (+ adv./prep.) to put something back in the place where it was before I replaced the cup carefully in the saucer. to replace the handset (= after using the telephone).
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