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    (not usually used in the progressive tenses) (formal)Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they require
    he / she / it requires
    past simple required
    -ing form requiring
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  1. 1to need something; to depend on someone or something require something These pets require a lot of care and attention. Deciphering the code requires an expert. This condition requires urgent treatment. Do you require anything else? (= in a store, for example) require somebody/something to do something A successful marriage requires us to show trust and loyalty. require that… The situation required that he be present. require doing something Lentils do not require soaking before cooking.
  2. 2[often passive] to make someone do or have something, especially because it is necessary according to a particular law or set of rules require something The wearing of seat belts is required by law. “Hamlet” is required reading (= must be read) for this course. Several students failed to reach the required standard. I just require a signature on the form. require something of somebody What exactly is required of a receptionist (= what are they expected to do)? require somebody to do something All candidates will be required to take a short test. require that… We require that you comply with the following rules:… Thesaurusdemandexpect insist ask requireThese words all mean to say that someone should do or have something.demand to ask for something very firmly; to say very firmly that someone should have or do something:She demanded an immediate explanation.expect to demand that someone should do, have, or be something, especially because it is their duty or responsibility:I expect to be paid promptly for the work.insist to demand that something happens or that someone agrees to do something:She insisted that I go with her. We insist on the highest standards at all times.ask to expect or demand something:You're asking too much of him.demand, expect, or ask?Ask is not as strong as demand or expect, both of which can be more like a command.require [often passive] (somewhat formal) to make someone do or have something, especially because it is necessary according to a law or set of rules or standards:All candidates will be required to take a short test.Patterns to demand/expect/ask/require something of/from somebody to demand/expect/insist/ask/require that… to expect/ask/require somebody to do something to demand/expect/ask/require a lot/too much/a great deal to be too much to expect/ask
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