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    , NAmE//rɪˈsɔrs//
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  1. 1[countable, usually plural] a supply of something that a country, an organization, or a person has and can use, especially to increase their wealth the exploitation of minerals and other natural resources We do not have the resources (= money) to update our computer software. We must make the most efficient use of the available financial resources. We agreed to pool our resources (= so that everyone gives something). the allocation of limited resources Topic CollocationsThe Environmentenvironmental damage cause/contribute to climate change/global warming produce pollution/CO2/greenhouse (gas) emissions damage/destroy the environment/a marine ecosystem/the ozone layer/coral reefs degrade ecosystems/habitats/the environment harm the environment/wildlife/marine life threaten natural habitats/coastal ecosystems/a species with extinction deplete natural resources/the ozone layer pollute rivers and lakes/waterways/the air/the atmosphere/the environment/oceans contaminate groundwater/the soil/food/crops log forests/rainforests/treesprotecting the environment address/combat/tackle the threat/effects/impact of climate change fight/take action on/reduce/stop global warming limit/curb/control air/water/atmospheric/environmental pollution cut/reduce pollution/greenhouse (gas) emissions offset carbon/CO2 emissions reduce (the size of) your carbon footprint achieve/promote sustainable development preserve/conserve biodiversity/natural resources protect endangered species/a coastal ecosystem prevent/stop soil erosion/overfishing/massive deforestation/damage to ecosystems raise awareness of environmental issues save the planet/the rainforests/an endangered speciesenergy and resources conserve/save/consume/waste energy manage/exploit/be rich in natural resources dump/dispose of hazardous/toxic/nuclear waste/sewage dispose of/throw away litter/garbage/trash use/be made from recycled/recyclable/biodegradable material recycle bottles/packaging/paper/plastic/waste promote/encourage recycling/sustainable development/the use of renewable energy develop/invest in/promote renewable energy reduce your dependence/reliance on fossil fuels get/obtain/generate/produce electricity from wind, solar, and wave power/renewable sources build/develop a (50-megawatt/offshore) wind farm install/be powered by solar panels see also human resources
  2. 2[countable] something that can be used to help achieve an aim, especially a book, equipment, etc. that provides information for teachers and students The database could be used as a teaching resource in colleges. Time is your most valuable resource, especially in exams. resource books for teachers a library resource center
  3. 3resources [plural] personal qualities such as courage and imagination that help you deal with difficult situations He has no inner resources and hates being alone.
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