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    having job/duty
  1. 1having the job or duty of doing something or taking care of someone or something, so that it is your fault if something goes wrong responsible (for doing something) Mike is responsible for designing the entire project. responsible (for somebody/something) Even where parents no longer live together, they each continue to be responsible for their children.
  2. causing something
  3. 2responsible (for something) being able to be blamed for something Who's responsible for this mess? Everything will be done to bring those responsible to justice. He is mentally ill and cannot be held responsible for his actions.
  4. 3responsible (for something) being the cause of something Cigarette smoking is responsible for about 90% of deaths from lung cancer.
  5. to someone in authority
  6. 4responsible to somebody/something having to report to someone or something with authority or in a higher position and explain to them what you have done The CEO is responsible to the board of directors.
  7. reliable
  8. 5(of people or their actions or behavior) that you can trust and rely on synonym conscientious Clare has a mature and responsible attitude to work. opposite irresponsible
  9. job
  10. 6[usually before noun] needing someone who can be trusted and relied on; involving important duties a responsible job/position
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