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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they restore
    he / she / it restores
    past simple restored
    -ing form restoring
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  1. 1restore something (to somebody) to bring back a situation or feeling that existed before The measures are intended to restore public confidence in the economy. Order was quickly restored after the riots. Such kindness restores your faith in human nature (= makes you believe most people are kind). The operation restored his sight (= made him able to see again).
  2. 2restore somebody/something to something to bring someone or something back to a former condition, place, or position He is now fully restored to health. We hope to restore the garden to its former glory (= make it as beautiful as it used to be). This cream claims to restore your skin to its youthful condition.
  3. 3restore something to repair a building, work of art, piece of furniture, etc. so that it looks as good as it did originally Her job is restoring old paintings. The house has been lovingly restored to the way it looked in 1900 when it was built.
  4. 4restore something to bring a law, tradition, way of working, etc. back into use synonym reintroduce to restore ancient traditions Some people argue that the death penalty should be restored.
  5. 5restore something (to somebody/something) (formal) to give something that was lost or stolen back to someone The police have now restored the painting to its rightful owner.
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