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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they restrict
    he / she / it restricts
    past simple restricted
    -ing form restricting
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  1. 1to limit the size, amount, or range of something restrict something to something Speed is restricted to 30 mph in towns. We restrict the number of students per class to 10. restrict something Fog severely restricted visibility. Having small children tends to restrict your freedom.
  2. 2restrict something to stop someone or something from moving or acting freely synonym impede The long skirt restricted her movements.
  3. 3restrict something (to somebody) to control something with rules or laws Access to the club is restricted to members only.
  4. 4restrict yourself/somebody (to something/to doing something) to allow yourself or someone to have only a limited amount of something or to do only a particular kind of activity I restrict myself to one cup of coffee a day. Why don't you restrict yourself to setting down the facts?
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