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    coming back
  1. 1[singular] return (to…) (from…) the action of arriving in or coming back to a place that you were in before He was met by his brother on his return from Italy. I saw the play on its return to Broadway. on the return flight/trip
  2. giving/sending back
  3. 2[uncountable, singular] the action of giving, putting, or sending something or someone back We would appreciate the prompt return of books to the library. The judge ordered the return of the child to his mother.
  4. of feeling/state
  5. 3[singular] return (of something) the situation when a feeling or state that has not been experienced for some time starts again synonym reappear the return of spring a return of my doubts
  6. to previous situation/activity
  7. 4[singular] return to something the action of going back to an activity or a situation that you used to do or be in his return to power They appealed for a return to work (= after a strike).
  8. profit
  9. 5[uncountable, countable] the amount of profit that you get from something synonym earnings, yield a high rate of return on capital farmers seeking to improve returns from their crops
  10. official report
  11. 6[countable] an official report or statement that gives particular information to the government or another body census returns election returns (= the number of votes for each candidate in an election) see also tax return
  12. ticket
  13. 7[countable] a ticket for the theater or a sports game that was bought by someone but is given back to be sold again
  14. on computer
  15. 8[uncountable] (also return key [countable]) the button that you press on a computer when you reach the end of an instruction, or to begin a new line To exit this option, press return.
  16. in tennis, etc.
  17. 9[countable] the action of hitting the ball, etc. back to your opponent a powerful return of serve
  18. Idioms
      in return (for something)
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    1. 1as a way of thanking someone or paying them for something they have done Can I buy you lunch in return for your help?
    2. 2as a response or reaction to something I asked her opinion, but she just asked me a question in return.
    many happy returns (of the day)
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    used to wish someone a happy and pleasant birthday
    the point of no return
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    the time when you must continue with what you have decided to do, because it is not possible to get back to an earlier situation
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