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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they reverse
    he / she / it reverses
    past simple reversed
    -ing form reversing
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    change to opposite
  1. 1[transitive] reverse something to change something completely so that it is the opposite of what it was before to reverse a procedure/process/trend The government has failed to reverse the economic decline. It is sometimes possible to arrest or reverse the disease.
  2. 2[transitive] reverse something to change a previous decision, law, etc. to the opposite one The Court of Appeals reversed the decision. The policy is likely to be reversed if a new mayor is elected. to reverse a judgment
  3. 3[transitive] reverse something to turn something the opposite way around or change the order of something around Writing is reversed in a mirror. You should reverse the order of these pages.
  4. exchange two things
  5. 4[transitive] reverse something to exchange the positions or functions of two things It felt as if we had reversed our roles of parent and child. She used to work for me, but our situations are now reversed.
  6. yourself
  7. 5[transitive] reverse yourself (on something) to admit you were wrong or to stop having a particular position in an argument He has reversed himself on a dozen issues.
  8. vehicle
  9. 6[intransitive, transitive] when a vehicle or its driver reverses, or the driver reverses a vehicle, the vehicle goes backward He reversed around the corner. Caution! This truck is reversing. reverse something Now reverse the car. compare back
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