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revert to

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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revert to somebody/something

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(of property, rights, etc.) to return to the original owner again

    revert to something

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  1. 1to return to a former state; to start doing something again that you used to do in the past After her divorce she reverted to her maiden name. His manner seems to have reverted to normal. Try not to revert to your old eating habits. He reverted to his native language (= started using it again). The house was a school for a while, but then reverted to being a private house. The area has reverted back to wilderness. For a while the children behaved well but they soon reverted to type (= returned to their usual ways).
  2. 2to return to an earlier topic or subject So, to revert to your earlier question… The conversation kept reverting to the events of March 6th.
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