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    in vehicle
  1. 1a short journey in a vehicle, on a bicycle, etc. a train ride through beautiful countryside It's a ten-minute bus ride from here to town. Steve gave me a ride on his motorcycle. We went for a ride on our bikes. a bike ride
  2. 2a free trip in a car, etc. to a place you want to get to She hitched a ride to the bus station. We were able to get a ride into town when we missed the bus.
  3. 3the kind of trip you make in a car, etc. a smooth/comfortable/bumpy, etc. ride (figurative) The new legislation faces a bumpy ride (= will meet with opposition and difficulties).
  4. on horse
  5. 4a short trip on a horse, etc. a pony ride The kids had a ride on an elephant at the zoo. He goes for a ride almost every morning.
  6. at amusement park/fair
  7. 5a large machine at an amusement park, etc. that you ride on for fun or excitement; an occasion when you go on one of these The rides are free. a roller coaster ride
  8. Idioms
    come/go along for the ride (informal)
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    to join in an activity for pleasure but without being seriously interested in it
    get, take, etc. a free ride
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    to get or take something without paying because someone else is paying for it
    have a rough/an easy ride, give somebody a rough/an easy ride (informal)
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    to experience/not experience difficulties when you are doing something; to make things difficult/easy for someone He's going to have a rough ride at the board meeting next week.
    take somebody for a ride (informal)
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    to cheat or trick someone It's not a nice feeling to discover that someone you trusted has taken you for a ride.
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