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    of paper/cloth, etc.
  1. 1[countable] roll (of something) a long piece of paper, cloth, film, etc. that has been wrapped around itself or a tube several times so that it forms the shape of a tube a roll of film Wallpaper is sold in rolls.
  2. of candy, etc.
  3. 2[countable] roll (of something) a paper tube wrapped around candy, etc. a roll of mints
  4. bread
  5. 3[countable] a small loaf of bread for one person Soup and a roll: $4.50 compare bun see also jelly roll, spring roll
  6. of body
  7. 4[singular] an act of rolling the body over and over The kittens were enjoying a roll in the sunshine.
  8. 5[countable] a physical exercise in which you roll your body on the ground, moving your back and legs over your head a forward/backward roll
  9. of ship/plane
  10. 6[uncountable] the act of moving from side to side so that one side is higher than the other compare pitch (8)
  11. of fat
  12. 7[countable] an area of too much fat on your body, especially around your waist Rolls of fat hung over his belt.
  13. list of names
  14. 8[countable] an official list of names The chairman called/took the roll (= called out the names on a list to check that everyone was present). the voter rolls (= a list of all the people who can vote in an election) see also payroll
  15. sound
  16. 9[countable] roll (of something) a deep continuous sound the distant roll of thunder a drum roll
  17. of dice
  18. 10[countable] an act of rolling a die The order of play is decided by the roll of a die.
  19. phonetics
  20. 11[countable] = trill
  21. Idioms
    be on a roll (informal)
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    to be experiencing a period of success at what you are doing Don't stop me now—I'm on a roll!
    a roll in the hay (informal)
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    an act of having sex with someone
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