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    (rounder, roundest)
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  1. 1shaped like a circle or a ball a round plate These glasses suit people with round faces. The fruit are small and round. Football isn't played with a round ball. the discovery that the world is round The child was watching it all with big round eyes (= showing interest). a T-shirt with a round neck see also round-eyed, round-table
  2. 2having a curved shape round green hills She had a small mouth and round pink cheeks.
  3. 3[only before noun] a round figure or amount is one that is given as a whole number, usually one ending in 0 or 5 Make it a round figure—say forty dollars. Two thousand is a nice round number—put that down. Well,in round figures (= not giving the exact figures) we've spent twenty thousand so far.
    noun [uncountable] His face had lost its boyish roundness.
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