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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they rouse
    he / she / it rouses
    past simple roused
    -ing form rousing
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  1. 1(formal) to wake someone up, especially when they are sleeping deeply rouse somebody from sleep/bed The telephone roused me from sleep at 6  a.m. He came to the door, evidently just roused from his bed. rouse somebody Nicky roused her with a gentle nudge.
  2. 2to make someone want to start doing something when they were not active or interested in doing it rouse somebody/yourself (to something) A lot of people were roused to action by the appeal. rouse somebody/yourself to do something Richard couldn't rouse himself to say anything in reply.
  3. 3rouse something (formal) to make someone feel a particular emotion to rouse someone's anger What roused your suspicions (= what made you suspicious)?
  4. 4[usually passive] rouse somebody to make someone angry, excited, or full of emotion Chris is not easily roused. When roused, he has a cruel tongue. see also arouse
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