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  1. 1a person or an animal that runs, especially one taking part in a race a long-distance/cross-country/marathon , etc. runner a list of runners (= horses in a race) and riders see also forerunner, front runner, roadrunner
  2. 2(especially in compounds) a person who takes goods illegally into or out of a place a drug runner see also gunrunner
  3. 3a strip of metal, plastic, or wood that something slides on or can move along on the runners of a sled
  4. 4a plant stem that grows along the ground and puts down roots to form a new plant
  5. 5a long, narrow piece of cloth or carpet on a piece of furniture or on the floor
  6. 6a person in a company or an organization whose job is to take messages, documents, etc. from one place to another
  7. 7(Canadian English) a shoe that is used for running or doing other sports in
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