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    (sadder, saddest)
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  1. 1unhappy or showing unhappiness sad (to do something) We are very sad to hear that you are leaving. sad (that…) I was sad that she had to go. sad (about something) I felt terribly sad about it. She looked sad and tired. He gave a slight, sad smile. The divorce left him sadder and wiser (= having learned from the unpleasant experience).
  2. 2that makes you feel unhappy a sad story sad (to do something) It was sad to see them go. sad (that…) It is sad that so many of his paintings have been lost. We had some sad news yesterday. He's a sad case—his wife died last year and he can't seem to manage without her. It will be a sad day for all of us if the theater is forced to close. Sad to say (= unfortunately), the house has now been demolished.
  3. unacceptable
  4. 3unacceptable; deserving blame or criticism synonym deplorable a sad state of affairs It's a sad fact that many of those killed were children. It's a sad reflection on life that it takes danger and suffering to bring people closer together.
  5. boring
  6. 4(informal) boring or not fashionable You sad old man. You'd have to be sad to wear a shirt like that.
  7. in poor condition
  8. 5in poor condition The salad consisted of a few leaves of sad-looking lettuce. see also sadly, sadness
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