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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they scale
    he / she / it scales
    past simple scaled
    -ing form scaling
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  1. 1scale something (formal) to climb to the top of something very high and steep the first woman to scale Mount Everest (figurative) He has scaled the heights of his profession.
  2. fish
  3. 2scale something to remove the small flat hard pieces of skin from a fish
  4. teeth
  5. 3scale something to remove tartar from the teeth by scraping The dentist scaled and polished my teeth.
  6. change size
  7. 4scale something (from something) (to something) (technology) to change the size of something Text can be scaled from 4 points to 108 points without any loss of quality.
  8. Phrasal Verbsscale somethingdownscale somethingup
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