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     determiner,ordinal number
    determiner, ordinal number
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  1. 1 happening or coming next after the first in a series of similar things or people; 2nd This is the second time it's happened. The Panthers scored a second goal just after half-time. the second of June/June 2nd He was the second to arrive. We have one child and are expecting our second in July.
  2. 2 next in order of importance, size, quality, etc. to one other person or thing Osaka is Japan's second-largest city. Chicago, America's second city The spreadsheet application is second only to word processing in terms of popularity. As a dancer, he is second to none (= nobody is a better dancer than he is).
  3. 3 [only before noun] another; in addition to one that you already own or use They have a second home in Arizona. teachers of English as a second language (= to people who already speak one or more other languages)