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    (pl. series)
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  1. 1[countable, usually singular] series of something several events or things of a similar kind that happen one after the other The incident sparked off a whole series of events that nobody had foreseen. the latest in a series of articles on the nature of modern society The movie consisted of a series of flashbacks.
  2. 2[countable] a set of radio or television programs that deal with the same subject or that have the same characters The first episode of the new series is on Saturday. Topic CollocationsTelevisionwatching watch television/TV/a show/a program/a documentary/a pilot/a rerun/a repeat see an ad/a commercial/the news/the weather catch/miss a show/a program/an episode/the news pick up/reach for/grab/lose the remote (control) change channels surf (through)/flip through the channels sit in front of/turn on/turn off the television/the TV/the TV set have/install satellite (TV)/cable (TV)/a satellite dishshowing show a program/a documentary/an ad/a commercial/a prime-time sitcom/drama run an ad/a commercial/a movie broadcast/air/repeat a show/a program/a documentary/an episode/a series go out/air/be recorded live attract/draw (in)/pull (in) viewers be a hit with viewers/audiences/critics get (low/high) ratingsappearing be on/appear on television/TV/a TV show take part in a call-in/a game show/a quiz show/a reality TV show host a show/a program/a series/a game show/a quiz show/a (late-night/daytime) talk show be/become/work as a talk-show host/sports commentator/news anchor present the news appear/perform live (on TV)program-making do/film/make a show/a program/a documentary/an episode/a pilot/a series/an ad/a commercial work on a soap (opera)/a pilot (episode)/a sitcom write/produce a drama/sitcom/spin-off/comedy series
  3. 3[countable] (sport) a set of sports games played between the same two teams The team has won its first-ever playoff series. the World Series (= in baseball)
  4. 4[uncountable, countable] (technology) an electrical circuit in which the current passes through all the parts in the correct order batteries connected in series a series circuit
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