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  1. 1[countable] set (of something) a group of similar things that belong together in some way a set of six chairs a complete set of her novels a set of false teeth a new set of rules to learn You can borrow my keys—I have a spare set.
  2. 2[countable] a group of objects used together, for example for playing a game a chess set
  3. 3[countable] (sometimes disapproving) a group of people who have similar interests and spend a lot of time together socially the smart set (= rich, fashionable people) New York's literary set see also jet set
  4. TV/radio
  5. 4[countable] a piece of equipment for receiving television or radio signals
  6. for play/movie
  7. 5[countable] the scenery used for a play, movie, etc. We need volunteers to help build and paint the set.
  8. 6[countable, uncountable] a place where a play is performed or part of a movie is filmed The cast must all be on (the) set by 7 in the morning.
  9. in sport
  10. 7[countable] one section of a match in games such as tennis or volleyball She won in straight sets (= without losing a set).
  11. mathematics
  12. 8[countable] a group of things that have a shared quality set theory
  13. pop music
  14. 9[countable] a series of songs or pieces of music that a musician or group performs at a concert a stunning solo set of ten songs
  15. of face/body
  16. 10[singular] set of something the way in which someone's face or body is fixed in a particular expression, especially one showing determination She admired the firm set of his jaw.
  17. hair
  18. 11[singular] an act of arranging hair in a particular style while it is wet Ashampoo and set costs $15.
  19. becoming firm
  20. 12[singular] the state of becoming firm or solid To be sure of a good set when making the jam, use preserving sugar with added pectin.
  21. plant
  22. 13[countable] a young plant, shoot, etc. for planting onion sets
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