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    in position
  1. 1in a particular position a house set in 40 acres of parkland He had close-set eyes.
  2. planned
  3. 2[usually before noun] planned or fixed Each person was given set jobs to do. The school funds a set number of free places. Mornings in our house always follow a set pattern. New vehicles must comply with set safety standards.
  4. opinions/ideas
  5. 3not likely to change set ideas/opinions/views on how to teach As people get older, they get set in their ways.
  6. meal
  7. 4[only before noun] (of a meal in a restaurant) having a fixed price and a limited choice of dishes a set dinner/lunch/meal Shall we have the set menu?
  8. likely/ready
  9. 5likely to do something; ready for something or to do something set for something The team looks set for victory. set to do something Interest rates look set to rise again. Be set to leave by 10 o'clock. Language Bankexpectdiscussing predictions The number of people using cell phones to purchase goods and services is expected/likely to more than double by the end of 2015. Experts have predicted/forecast that the number of people using their cell phones to pay for goods and services should exceed 190 million in 2015. This figure is set to reach 200 million by 2016. By 2015, 800 million cell phone users worldwide will be participating in social networks via their phone. Sales of cell phones in 2010 were lower than expected. The company's announcement of 1.26 billion handsets sold for the year is in line with predictions.
  10. face
  11. 6[usually before noun] (of a person's expression) fixed; not natural a set smile His face took on a set expression.
  12. Idioms
    be (dead) set against something/against doing something
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    to be strongly opposed to something Why are you so dead set against the idea?
    be set on something/on doing something
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    to want to do or have something very much; to be determined to do something She's set on a career in medicine. He's set on getting a new car
    on your mark, get set, go!
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    used to tell runners in a race to get ready and then to start
    (get) ready, (get) set, go!
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    what you say to tell people to start a race
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