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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they shade
    he / she / it shades
    past simple shaded
    -ing form shading
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    from direct light
  1. 1to prevent direct light from reaching something shade somebody/something The courtyard was shaded by high trees. shade somebody/something from/against something She shaded her eyes from the sun.
  2. lamp
  3. 2[usually passive] shade something to provide a screen for a lamp, light, etc. to make it less bright a shaded lamp
  4. part of picture
  5. 3to make a part of a drawing, etc. darker, for example with an area of color or with pencil lines shade something What do the shaded areas on the map represent? shade something in I'm going to shade this part in.
  6. Phrasal Verbsshade into something
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