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    (shorter, shortest)
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  1. 1if you run short of or go short of something, you do not have enough of it They had run short of (= used most of their supply of) fuel.
  2. 2not as far as you need or expect Sometimes you throw the ball short.
  3. 3before the time expected or arranged; before the natural time a career tragically cut short by illness I'm afraid I'm going to have to stop you short there, as time is running out.
  4. Idioms
    be caught short
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    to be put at a disadvantage
    fall short of something
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    to fail to reach the standard that you expected or need The hotel fell far short of their expectations.
    pull, bring, etc. somebody up short
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    to make someone suddenly stop what they are doing I was brought up short by a terrible thought.
    sell somebody/yourself short
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    to not value someone/yourself highly enough and show this by the way you treat or present them/yourself
    short of (doing) something
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    without something; without doing something; unless something happens Short of a miracle, we're certain to lose. Short of asking her to leave (= and we don't want to do that) there's not a lot we can do about the situation.
    stop short of something/of doing something
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    to be unwilling to do something because it may involve a risk, but to nearly do it She stopped short of calling the president a liar. The protest stopped short of a violent confrontation.
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