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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they shoulder
    he / she / it shoulders
    past simple shouldered
    -ing form shouldering
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    accept responsibility
  1. 1[transitive] shoulder something to accept the responsibility for something to shoulder the responsibility/blame for something women who shoulder the double burden of childcare and full-time work
  2. push with shoulder
  3. 2[transitive, intransitive] to push forward with your shoulder in order to get somewhere shoulder your way + adv./prep. He shouldered his way through the crowd and went after her. + adv./prep. She shouldered past a woman with a screaming baby.
  4. 3[transitive] shoulder somebody/something + adv./prep. to push someone or something out of your way with your shoulder He shouldered the man aside.
  5. carry on shoulder
  6. 4[transitive] shoulder something to carry something on your shoulder She shouldered her bag and set off for home. to shoulder arms (= to hold a weapon, rifle, etc. against your shoulder while you are not using it)
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