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 like someone or something but not exactly the same We have very similar interests. similar (to somebody/something) My teaching style is similar to that of most other teachers. similar (in something) The two houses are similar in size. The brothers look very similar. All our patients have broadly similar problems. The disease attacks the immune system in a similar way to AIDS. Stir the paint with a piece of wood or something similar. opposite different, dissimilar
AWL Collocationssimilarsimilar adjectivebroadly, generally highly, remarkably, strikingly superficially qualitatively quantitatively conceptually structurallyThe two methods gave qualitatively similar patterns.~ to ~ to each other/one another ~ to that/those ofOur results are similar to the research findings outlined in the literature review. They spoke a language similar to that of the Aztecs.dissimilar adjectivehighly, markedly, strikingly not entirelyIf the model has too few classes, highly dissimilar plants are treated as if they were identical.~ to/fromHayek's earliest view was not very dissimilar from Schumpeter's.similarity noungeneral close, remarkable, significant, striking, strong superficial apparent structuralThis finding also bears a remarkable similarity to other studies that examined educational performance.assess find share bear exhibit, reveal, showAlthough the microelectronics and biotechnology industries share certain similarities, the two differ in numerous ways.~ among/between ~ to/withThe findings of our study call attention to a striking similarity between both groups.
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