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    how large/small
  1. 1[uncountable, countable] how large or small a person or thing is an area the size of (= the same size as) Rhode Island They complained about the size of their gas bill. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. The facilities are excellent for a town that size. The kitchen is a good size (= not small). It's similar in size to a tomato.
  2. 2[uncountable] the large amount or extent of something You should have seen the size of their house! We were shocked at the size of his debts.
  3. of clothes/shoes/goods
  4. 3[countable] one of a number of standard measurements in which clothes, shoes, and other goods are made and sold The jacket was the wrong size. It's not my size. They didn't have the jacket in my size. She's a size 12 in clothes. The hats are made in three sizes: small, medium and large. I need a bigger/smaller size. What size do you take/wear? She takes/wears a size 5 shoe. Do you have these shoes in (a) size 5? Try this one for size (= to see if it is the correct size). The glass can be cut to size (= cut to the exact measurements) for you. To ask about the size of something, you usually sayHow big?You useWhat size?to ask about something that is produced in fixed measurements.
  5. -sized/-size
  6. 4(in adjectives) having the size mentioned a medium-sized house Cut it into bite-size pieces. see also king-size, man-sized, pint-sized, queen-size
  7. sticky substance
  8. 5[uncountable] a sticky substance that is used for making material stiff or for preparing walls for wallpaper
  9. Idioms
    cut somebody down to size
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    to show someone that they are not as important as they think they are
    that's about the size of it (informal)
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    that's how the situation seems to be “So they won't pay up?” “That's about the size of it.”
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