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    connected with society
  1. 1[only before noun] connected with society and the way it is organized social issues/problems/reforms a call for social and economic change
  2. 2[only before noun] connected with your position in society social class/background social advancement (= improving your position in society) social mobility (= the movement of people from one social class to another)
  3. activities with others
  4. 3[only before noun] connected with activities in which people meet each other for pleasure a busy social life Team sports help to develop a child's social skills (= the ability to talk easily to other people and do things in a group). Social events and training days are arranged for all the staff. Join a social club to make new friends.
  5. animals
  6. 4[only before noun] (technology) living naturally in groups, rather than alone Apes are social animals.
  7. friendly
  8. 5= sociable
  9. NAmE//ˈsoʊʃəli//
    adverb The reforms will bring benefits, socially and politically. This type of behavior is no longer socially acceptable. a socially disadvantaged family (= one that is poor and from a low social class) We meet at work, but never socially. Carnivores are usually socially complex mammals.
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