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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they spur
    he / she / it spurs
    past simple spurred
    -ing form spurring
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  1. 1to encourage someone to do something or to encourage them to try harder to achieve something spur somebody/something (on) to something/to do something Her difficult childhood spurred her on to succeed. My trainer spurred me to keep up a pace of four miles an hour. spur somebody/something into something I was spurred into action by the letter. spur somebody/something (on) The band has been spurred on by the success of their last single.
  2. 2spur something to make something happen faster or sooner The agreement is essential to spurring economic growth around the world. The fire, spurred by high temperatures and strong winds, had burned more than 140 acres.
  3. 3spur something to encourage a horse to go faster, especially by pushing the spur S on your boots into its side As he shouted his order he spurred the horse forward suddenly.
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