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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they square
    he / she / it squares
    past simple squared
    -ing form squaring
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  1. 1to make something have straight edges and corners square something It was like trying to square a circle. That is, it was impossible. square something off The boat is rounded at the front but squared off at the back.
  2. mathematics
  3. 2[usually passive] square something to multiply a number by itself Three squared is written 32. Four squared equals 16.
  4. shoulders
  5. 3square yourself/your shoulders to make your back and shoulders straight to show you are ready or determined to do something Bruno squared himself to face the waiting journalists.
  6. pay money
  7. 4square somebody (informal) to pay money to someone in order to get their help They must have squared the mayor before they got their plan underway.
  8. Phrasal Verbssquare somethingawaysquare off (against somebody)square up (to somebody/something)square up (with somebody)square something with somethingsquare something with somebody
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