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    for buses/trains
  1. 1a place where buses or trains stop so that passengers can get on and off; the buildings connected with this a train/bus station a subway station I get off at the next station. Penn Station the main station
  2. for work/service
  3. 2(usually in compounds) a place or building where a service is organized and provided or a special type of work is done a police station a gas station a fire station an agricultural research station a pollution monitoring station see also space station
  4. radio/TV company
  5. 3(often in compounds) a radio or television company and the programs it broadcasts a local radio/TV station He tuned to another station.
  6. position
  7. 4a place where someone has to wait and watch or be ready to do work if needed You are not to leave your station without permission. see also docking station
  8. for army/navy
  9. 5a small base for the army or navy; the people living in it a naval station
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