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    (steadier, steadiest)
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  1. 1developing, growing, etc. gradually and in an even and regular way synonym constant five years of steady economic growth a steady decline in numbers We are making slow but steady progress. The gardens receive a steady stream of visitors.
  2. 2not changing and not interrupted synonym regular His breathing was steady. a steady job/income She drove at a steady 50 mph. They set off at a steady pace. a steady boyfriend/girlfriend (= with whom you have a serious relationship or one that has lasted a long time) to have a steady relationship
  3. 3firmly fixed, supported, or balanced; not shaking or likely to fall down He held the boat steady as she got in. I met his steady gaze. Such fine work requires a good eye and a steady hand. She's not very steady on her feet these days. opposite unsteady
  4. 4(of a person) sensible; who can be relied on
  5. NAmE//ˈstɛdl̩i//
    adverb The company's exports have been increasing steadily. The situation got steadily worse. He looked at her steadily and intensely, but she didn't seem to notice. The rain fell steadily.
  6. NAmE//ˈstɛdinəs//
    noun [uncountable]
  7. Idioms
    (as) steady as a rock
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    extremely steady and calm; that you can rely on
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