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    , NAmE//strɛŋθ//
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    being physically strong
  1. 1[uncountable, singular] the quality of being physically strong He pushed against the rock with all his strength. It may take a few weeks for you to build up your strength again. He had a physical strength that matched his outward appearance. That kid doesn't know his own strength (= does not realize how strong he really is). strength to do something She didn't have the strength to walk any further.
  2. 2[uncountable] the ability that something has to resist force or hold heavy weights without breaking or being damaged the strength of a rope see also industrial-strength
  3. being brave
  4. 3[uncountable, singular] the quality of being brave and determined in a difficult situation During this ordeal he was able to draw strength from his faith. She has a remarkable inner strength. You have shown great strength of character.
  5. power/influence
  6. 4[uncountable] the power and influence that someone or something has Political power depends upon economic strength. Their superior military strength gives them a huge advantage. to negotiate from a position of strength The rally was intended to be a show of strength by the opposition.
  7. of opinion/feeling
  8. 5[uncountable] how strong or deeply felt an opinion or a feeling is the strength of public opinion This view has recently gathered strength (= become stronger or more widely held). I was surprised by the strength of her feelings.
  9. advantage
  10. 6[countable] a quality or an ability that a person or thing has that gives them an advantage The ability to keep calm is one of her many strengths. the strengths and weaknesses of an argument The new weapon's strength lies in its accuracy.
  11. of natural force
  12. 7[uncountable] how strong a natural force is the strength of the sun wind strength the strength and direction of the tide
  13. of flavor
  14. 8[uncountable, countable] how strong a particular flavor or substance is Add more curry powder depending on the strength required. a selection of beers with different strengths (= with different amounts of alcohol in them) a packet of double-strength mints
  15. of currency
  16. 9[uncountable] how strong a country's currency (= unit of money) is in relation to other countries' currencies the strength of the dollar
  17. number in group
  18. 10[uncountable] the number of people in a group, a team, or an organization The strength of the workforce is about to be doubled from 3,000 to 6,000. The team will be back at full strength (= with all the best players) for the next game. The protesters turned out in strength (= in large numbers). These cuts have left the local police force under strength (= with fewer members than it needs).
  19. Word Familystrong adjectivestrongly adverbstrength nounstrengthen verbIdioms
    go from strength to strength
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    to become more and more successful Since her appointment the department has gone from strength to strength.
    on the strength of something
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    because someone has been influenced or persuaded by something I got the job on the strength of your recommendation. She hopes to secure a recording contract on the strength of these songs.
    a tower of strength
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    a person that you can rely on to help, protect, and comfort you when you are in trouble
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