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, NAmE//ˈstrɛŋθən//
[intransitive, transitive]Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they strengthen
he / she / it strengthens
past simple strengthened
-ing form strengthening
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to become stronger; to make someone or something stronger Her position in the party has strengthened in recent weeks. Yesterday the yen strengthened against the dollar. The wind had strengthened overnight. The fall in unemployment is a sign of a strengthening economy. strengthen somebody/something Repairs are necessary to strengthen the bridge. The exercises are designed to strengthen your stomach muscles. The move is clearly intended to strengthen the President's position. The new manager has strengthened the team by bringing in several younger players. Their attitude only strengthened his resolve to fight on. The new evidence will strengthen their case. The experience of bereavement can strengthen family ties. opposite weakenWord Familystrong adjectivestrongly adverbstrength nounstrengthen verb
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