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  1. 1one long step; the distance covered by a step synonym pace1 He crossed the room in two strides. I was gaining on the other runners with every stride.
  2. 2your way of walking or running his familiar, purposeful stride She did not slow her stride until she was face to face with us.
  3. 3an improvement in the way something is developing We're making great strides in the search for a cure.
  4. Idioms
    hit (your) stride
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    to begin to do something with confidence and at a good speed after a slow, uncertain start After a nervous start, he finally hit his stride in the second set.
    put somebody off their stride
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    to make someone take their attention off what they are doing and stop doing it so well The shouting from the back of the auditorium completely put me off my stride.
    (match somebody) stride for stride
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    to keep doing something as well as someone else, even though they keep making it harder for you We've managed to match our closest competitors stride for stride as regards prices.
    take something in stride
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    to accept and deal with something difficult without letting it worry you too much It's going to be tough—but I'm sure you'll take it all in stride.
    without breaking stride
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    without stopping what you are doing
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