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    way something is done
  1. 1[countable, uncountable] style (of something) the particular way in which something is done a style of management a management style furniture to suit your style of living a study of different teaching styles Ilike your style (= I like the way you do things). Caution was not her style (= not the way she usually behaved). I'm surprised he rides a motorcycle—I'd have thought big cars were more his style (= what suited him). see also lifestyle
  2. design of clothes/hair
  3. 2[countable] a particular design of something, especially clothes We stock a wide variety of styles and sizes. Have you thought about wearing your hair in a shorter style? a style that was popular in the 1950s collocations at Topic CollocationsClothes and Fashionclothes be wearing a new outfit/bright colors/fur/a uniform/a costume be (dressed) in black/red/jeans and a T-shirt/your best suit/leather/silk/rags (= very old torn clothes) be dressed for work/school/dinner/a special occasion be dressed as a man/woman/clown/pirate wear/dress in casual/designer/second-hand clothes wear jewelry/accessories/a watch/glasses/contact lenses/perfume have a cowboy hat/red dress/blue suit on put on/take off your clothes/coat/shoes/gloves/socks/helmet change into/get changed into a pair of jeans/your pajamasappearance change/enhance/improve your appearance create/get/have/give something a new/contemporary/retro look brush/comb/shampoo/wash/blow-dry your hair have/get a haircut/your hair cut/a new hairstyle have/get a piercing/your nose pierced have/get a tattoo/a tattoo done (on your arm)/a tattoo removed have/get a makeover/plastic surgery/cosmetic surgery/Botox™ treatment use/wear/apply/put on makeup/cosmeticsfashion follow/keep up with fashion/the latest fashions spend/waste money on designer clothes be fashionably/stylishly/well dressed have good/great/terrible/awful taste in clothes update/revamp your wardrobe be in/come into/go out of fashion be (back/very much) in vogue create a style/trend for something organize/put on a fashion show show/unveil a designer's spring/summer collection sashay/strut down the catwalk/runway be on/do a photo/fashion shoothairstyle
  4. 3[uncountable] the quality of being fashionable in the clothes that you wear style-conscious teenagers Short skirts are back in style (= fashionable). My husband has no sense of style.
  5. being elegant
  6. 4[uncountable] the quality of being elegant and made to a high standard The hotel has been redecorated but it's lost a lot of its style. She does everything with style and grace.
  7. of book/painting/building
  8. 5[countable, uncountable] the features of a book, painting, building, etc. that make it typical of a particular author, artist, historical period, etc. a style of architecture a fine example of Gothic style a parody written in the style ofMolière The palace was rebuilt in the same style.
  9. use of language
  10. 6[uncountable, countable] the correct use of language It's not considered good style to start a sentence with “but.” Please follow house style (= the rules of spelling, etc. used by a particular publishing company).
  11. -style
  12. 7(in adjectives) having the type of style mentioned Italian-style gardens a buffet-style breakfast see also old-style
  13. in a plant
  14. 8(biology) the long thin part of a flower that carries the stigma [countable]
  15. Idioms
    cramp somebody's style (informal)
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    to stop someone from behaving in the way they want to She didn't want me to go with her to the party in case I cramped her style.
    in (great, grand, etc.) style
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    in an impressive way She always celebrates her birthday in style. He won the championship in great style.
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