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[transitive, intransitive] summarize (something)Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they summarize
he / she / it summarizes
past simple summarized
-ing form summarizing
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to give a summary of something (= a statement of the main points) The results of the research are summarized at the end of the chapter. AWL Collocationssummarysummary nouncontain, give, offer, present, provideThe last section provides a summary of the key findings.brief, concise, succinct descriptive, detailed excellentSee Nord, 1997, for a more detailed summary. The well-respected historian Frederick Hodge presented a succinct summary of this argument.~ of findingsThe paper concludes with a summary of findings and recommendations for future research.summarize verbaccurately briefly, concisely, succinctlyA study of this scope must accurately summarize the ideas of numerous philosophers. In the next section of this article we will briefly summarize our, finding, result literature argument recommendation conclusionIn a recent report, UNICEF summarized the global data by regions. This article summarizes recent literature on the diagnosis of pneumonia. Language Bankconclusionsumming up an argument In conclusion, the study has provided useful insights into the issues relating to people's perception of crime. Based on this study, it can be concluded that the introduction of new street lighting did not reduce reported crime. To sum up, no evidence can be found to support the view that improved street lighting reduces reported crime. The available evidence clearly leads to the conclusion that the media do have an influence on the public perception of crime. The main conclusion to be drawn from this study is that the public perception of crime is significantly influenced by crime news reporting. This study has shown that people's fear of crime is out of all proportion to crime itself. Fear of crime is out of all proportion to the actual level of crime, and the reasons for this can be summarized as follows. First… Overall/In general, women are more likely than men to feel insecure walking alone after dark.
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