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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they support
    he / she / it supports
    past simple supported
    -ing form supporting
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    encourage/give help
  1. 1to help or encourage someone or something by saying or showing that you agree with them/it synonym back support somebody/something to support a proposal These measures are strongly supported by environmental groups. If you raise it at the meeting, I'll support you. support somebody/something in something The students supported the workers in their demand for higher wages.
  2. 2support somebody to give or be ready to give help to someone if they need it an organization that supports people with AIDS She supported her husband through many difficult times. The company is committed to supporting all its customers (= solving their problems with a product).
  3. provide money, etc.
  4. 3support something to help or encourage something to be successful by giving it money synonym sponsor Several major companies are supporting the project.
  5. 4support somebody/something/yourself to provide everything necessary, especially money, so that someone or something can live or exist Mark has two children to support from his first marriage. He turned to crime to support his drug habit. The atmosphere of Mars could not support life. She supported herself through college by working as a waitress. The town supports a small fishing fleet.
  6. hold in position
  7. 5support somebody/something to hold someone or something in position; to prevent someone or something from falling a platform supported by concrete pillars Support the baby's head when you hold it. She walked carefully down the stairs, supported by her grandson.
  8. help prove something
  9. 6support something to help to show that something is true synonym corroborate The witness's story was not supported by the evidence. The results of the experiment supported her theory. Language Bankevidencegiving proof New evidence has been found that/Studies have shown that TV advertising influences what children buy. It is clear from numerous studies that TV advertising influences what children buy. Recent research demonstrates that TV advertising influences children's spending habits. Many parents think that TV advertising influences their children. This view is supported by the findings of a recent study, which show a clear link between television advertisements and children's spending habits. The findings also reveal that most children are unaware of the persuasive purpose of advertising. Little evidence has been found that children understand the persuasive intent of advertising. The results contradict claims that advertising is unrelated to children's spending habits. Manufacturers argue that it is difficult to prove that advertising alone influences what children buy.
  10. computer
  11. 7support something (of a computer or computer system) to allow a particular program, language, or device to be used with it This digital audio player supports multiple formats.
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