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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they surround
    he / she / it surrounds
    past simple surrounded
    -ing form surrounding
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  1. 1to be all around something or someone surround something/somebody Tall trees surround the lake. the membranes surrounding the brain As a child I was surrounded by love and kindness. surround something/somebody with something The lake is surrounded with/by trees.
  2. 2to move into position all around someone or something, especially so as to prevent them from escaping; to move someone or something into position in this way surround somebody/something Police surrounded the building. surround somebody/something with somebody/something They surrounded the building with police.
  3. 3surround something/somebody to be closely connected with something or someone publicity surrounding the divorce
  4. 4surround yourself with somebody/something to choose to have particular people or things near you all the time I like to surround myself with beautiful things.
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