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take in

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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    take somebodyin

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  1. 1to allow someone to stay in your home to take in roommates He was homeless, so we took him in.
  2. 2[often passive] to make someone believe something that is not true synonym deceive She took me in completely with her story. Don't be taken in by his charm—he's ruthless.

    take somethingin

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  1. 1to absorb something into the body, for example by breathing or swallowing Fish take in oxygen through their gills. related noun intake
  2. 2to make a piece of clothing narrower or tighter This dress needs to be taken in at the waist. opposite let out
  3. 3[no passive] to include or cover something The tour takes in six European capitals. Her lecture took in all the recent developments in the subject.
  4. 4[no passive] to go to see or visit something such as a movie I generally take in a show when I'm in New York.
  5. 5to take notice of something with your eyes He took in every detail of her appearance. She took in the scene at a glance.
  6. 6to understand or remember something that you hear or read Halfway through the chapter I realized I hadn't taken anything in.
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