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take up

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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to continue, especially starting after someone or something else has finished The band's new album takes up where their last one left off.

take up something

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to fill or use an amount of space or time The table takes up too much room. I won't take up any more of your time. Her time is fully taken up with writing.

    take somethingup

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  1. 1to make something such as a piece of clothing shorter I need to take this skirt up a couple of inches. opposite let down
  2. 2to learn or start to do something, especially for pleasure They took up golf when they moved to Florida. She has taken up (= started to learn to play) the oboe.
  3. 3to start or begin something such as a job He takes up his duties next week.
  4. 4to join in singing or saying something to take up the chorus Their protests were later taken up by other groups.
  5. 5to continue something that someone else has not finished, or that has not been mentioned for some time She took up the story where Tim had left off. I'd like to take up the point you raised earlier.
  6. 6to move into a particular position I took up my position by the door.
  7. 7to accept something that is offered or available to take up a challenge She took up his offer of a drink.