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 a person whose job is teaching, especially in a school a history/science, etc. teacher high school teachers There is a growing need for qualified teachers of Business English. Vocabulary Buildingteachand teachersverbs teachJohn teaches French at the local school. She taught me how to change a tire. educateOur priority is to educate people about the dangers of drugs. instructMembers of staff should be instructed in the use of fire equipment. trainShe’s a trained midwife. He’s training the U.S. Olympic swim team. coachHe’s the best football player I’ve ever coached. She coaches some of the local children in singing. tutorShe tutors some of the local children in math. mentorShe's been mentoring me ever since I started at the company.nouns teacherschool/college teachers instructora swimming/science instructor trainera horse trainer Do you have a personal trainer? coacha football coach tutortutors working with migrant children mentorHe's been my mentor for two years now.
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