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[usually plural] see also tear1
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 a drop of liquid that comes out of your eye when you cry A tear rolled down his face. She left the room in tears (= crying). He suddenly burst into tears (= began to cry). As he listened to the music, his eyes filled with tears. Their story will move you to tears (= make you cry). They reduced her to tears (= made her cry, especially by being cruel or unkind). Ann wiped a tear from her eye. The memory brought a tear to her eye (= made her cry). Most of the audience was on the verge of tears. I was close to tears as I told them the news. Desperately she fought back the tears (= tried not to cry). to shed tears of happiness tears of pain, joy, etc. The tears welled up in his eyes.
adjective teary eyes a teary smile/goodbye
blood, sweat, and tears
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2very hard work; a lot of effort The only way to succeed is through old-fashioned blood, sweat and tears.
bored stiff, bored to death/tears, bored out of your mind
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3extremely bored
crocodile tears
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4if someone sheds (= cries)crocodile tears, they pretend to be sad about something, but they are not really sad at all Let's have no more politicians shedding crocodile tears for the unemployed.
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