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    preposition, conjunction
    , NAmE//ðæn//
    , NAmE//ðɛn//
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  1. 1used to introduce the second part of a comparison I'm older than her. There was more whiskey in it than soda. He loves me more than you do. It was much better than I'd expected. You should know better than to behave like that. I'd rather e-mail than phone, if that's OK by you.
  2. 2more/less/fewer, etc. than used for comparing amounts, numbers, distances, etc. It never takes more than an hour. It's less than a mile to the beach. There were fewer than twenty people there.
  3. 3used in expressions showing that one thing happens right after another No sooner had I sat down than there was a loud knock on the door. Hardly had we arrived than the problems started.
  4. Idioms
    1. 1(usually used in negative sentences) except I don't know any French people other than you. We're going away in June but other than thatI'll be here all summer.
    2. 2(formal) different or in a different way from; not I have never known him to behave other than selfishly.
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