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  1. 1concerned with the ideas and principles on which a particular subject is based, rather than with practice and experiment a theoretical approach theoretical physics The first year provides students with a sound theoretical basis for later study. opposite experimental, practical AWL Collocationstheorytheory noundevelop, formulate advance, expound, propound disprove, refute support testIn this study, the empirical data do not support current theories. New facts and observations test established theories.hypothesize, posit, postulate, predict, suggestThe theory posits that some character types are better prepared for the challenges of being president. The results of our experiment aligned very closely with that predicted by theory.economic, literary, political, scientific, socialIn economic theory, when there is more competition prices are lower.based onBased on the theory developed in this paper, it is predicted that..theoretical adjectivehighly largely merely, purelyAlthough some purely theoretical work has been done, there is a need for empirical research.concept, construct, framework, model approach, perspective prediction studyThe next section outlines the theoretical framework and reviews the prior literature.theoretically adverbdefensible, informed, sound unsoundThese scientific hypotheses have to be logically and theoretically defensible.
  2. 2that could possibly exist, happen, or be true, although this is unlikely It's a theoretical possibility.
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adverb theoretically sound conclusions It is theoretically possible for him to overrule their decision, but highly unlikely.
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