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    (thicker, thickest)
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    distance between sides
  1. 1having a larger distance between opposite sides or surfaces than other similar objects or than normal a thick slice of bread a thick book (= one that has a lot of pages) a thick coat (= one made of heavy cloth) thick fingers Everything was covered with a thick layer of dust.
  2. 2used to ask about or state the distance between opposite sides or surfaces How thick are the walls? They're two feet thick.
  3. hair/fur/trees
  4. 3growing closely together in large numbers thick dark hair This breed of cattle has a very thick coat. His eyebrows were thick and bushy. a thick forest
  5. liquid
  6. 4not flowing very easily thick soup The effect will be ruined if the paint is too thick.
  7. fog/smoke/air
  8. 5difficult to see through; difficult to breathe in The plane crashed in thick fog. thick smoke Thick clouds covered the sky. thick with something The air was thick with dust. (figurative) The atmosphere was thick with tension.
  9. with large number/amount
  10. 6thick with somebody/something having a large number of people or a large amount of something in one place The beach was thick with sunbathers.
  11. accent
  12. 7(sometimes disapproving) easily recognized as being from a particular country or area synonym strong a thick Brooklyn accent
  13. voice
  14. 8thick (with something) deep and not as clear as normal, especially because of illness or emotion His voice was thick with emotion.
  15. stupid
  16. 9(informal) (of a person) slow to learn or understand things He's too thick to realize what's going on.
  17. friendly with someone
  18. 10thick (with somebody) (informal) very friendly with someone, especially in a way that makes other people suspicious You seem to be very thick with the boss! see also thickly, thickness
  19. Idioms
    blood is thicker than water (saying)
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    family relationships are stronger than any others
    (as) thick as thieves (informal)
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    (of two or more people) very friendly, especially in a way that makes other people suspicious
    your thick head (informal)
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    used to show that you are annoyed that someone does not understand something When will you get it into your thick head that I don't want to see you again!
    a thick skin
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    the ability to accept criticism, insults, etc. without becoming upset opposite a thin skin, thick-skinned
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