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  1. 1involving very little effort or feeling and intended only as a way of showing other people that you think someone or something is important, when really you are not sincere The government has only made a token gesture toward helping the unemployed. There was one token woman on the committee (= a woman who is included in the group to make it look as if women are always included, although that is not true). When he suggested going into business on their own, she put up only a token resistance.
  2. 2done as a symbol to show that you are serious about something and will keep a promise or an agreement or do more later The government agreed to send a small token force to the area. a one-day token strike
  3. 3(of a small amount of money) that you pay or charge someone only as a symbol, because a payment is expected synonym nominal We charge only a token fee for use of the facilities.
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